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Counterfeit Information

We urge all our customers to be aware of fake styling irons which are being passed off to the unsuspecting buyer as genuine ghd stylers.

Often very similar in appearance to genuine ghd stylers (including holograms and packaging), tests have shown that these fakes are made from poor quality materials. Those buying counterfeit ghd stylers risk serious injury such as electrocution due to poor quality construction and lack of safety checks on the products.

Ghd continues to invest significant resources to prevent the illegal sale of fake styling irons. Below are several pointers that may prevent you from becoming another victim of a counterfeit seller.


  • How can I be sure that I'm buying a genuine ghd IV styler?

Buy from or one of our approved retailers.

Ghd stylers offered for sale at markets or car boot sales are likely to be fake

  • I've seen ghd adverts on Google, are they all genuine?

Some of the adverts that appear on Google are real but some may be websites selling counterfeit goods. The only way to be absolutely sure is to use our website checker. If the products are supplied directly from China then it is likely that the products are counterfeit and of course if the deal offered is much less than you would expect to pay for ghd quality then it might be too good to be true and you could be giving out your details to criminals.

  • I am thinking of buying my ghd styler from eBay, how can I tell if it is genuine?

The first thing to know is that counterfeit ghd stylers are often sold through auction sites such as eBay, Ebid, Cqout and Gumtree.

Look at where the goods are being shipped from. If the item is being shipped from the Far East e.g. China or Hong Kong or the shipping time is more than 2 or 3 days, it is likely to be a fake product.

Look carefully at the price: If the price being offered looks too good to be true, it usually is a reflection of the product's poor quality.

Remember that the sellers of fake goods will try to deceive you. Statements in the seller's auction of 'genuine product', 'holograms and security seals' do not guarantee the authenticity of the item.

The only way to be sure you have purchased a genuine ghd IV styler is to buy from

  • I bought my ghd IV styler on eBay and it appears to be fake! What should I do?

Contact the seller without delay for a refund. Remember it is illegal to sell fake products.

Notify eBay about the seller's auction. Please refer to eBay's policies and guidelines (Note: you will be leaving the security of the website once you link to eBay).

If you paid via PayPal, see whether they can help you get your money back. Please refer to PayPal's policies and guidelines.

Contact your local trading standards office with full details of your transaction including copies of receipts confirming payment to the seller ( or call 08454 040506).

  • Why shouldn't I buy a counterfeit/fake ghd styler?

Due to poor quality construction and lack of safety checks, fake goods are dangerous and can cause electrocution, serious burns and hair damage.

Only genuine ghd stylers carry the ghd 2 year guarantee.

  • How can I tell my ghd IV styler is genuine?

Register your product online now.

  • Is there anything else I should know?

It is a criminal offence to sell fake goods.

Ghd actively enforces its intellectual property rights. Consequences of dealing with fake products may include prosecution, fines, product confiscation and in some cases imprisonment.

We take your safety and security very seriously at ghd and our policy is to investigate all leads passed to us about fake products and wherever possible take action through either the Police, Customs and Trading Standards or direct court action.